ForkMyPastabar is a virtual meeting place for pasta bars and other outlets (snack and sandwichbars, saladbars, pubs, restaurants, etc.) which offer pasta or a pasta to-go concept.


Through this platform catering and to-go businesses can find inspiration for new ideas, collect or exchange recipes and therefore respond in a trendy way to consumer demand. New and established entrepreneurs can seek practical support for their business (start-up supervision, cost and margin calculations, product demonstrations, etc.)


On the other hand MyPastabar offers a free web page (each with one outlet-specific web address) to all businesses, with useful information for consumers (postal address, email, photos, opening hours, delivery and/or collection options, menus, etc.). This web page can undoubtedly play an important role in the publicity or marketing activities of your business.


A handy search engine enables the consumer to find the nearest pasta bar, member of MyPastabar. Just enter the name of a town or a zip code and all registered pasta bars or other outlets which offer pasta or a pasta concept in that town will appear. With just a few clicks, the consumer quickly enters the web page of the selected pasta bar.


Registration as a member of MyPastabar is entirely free !

Recent news

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The Smiling Cook launches 3 new sauces in the microwave resistant doypacks: Bolognese Brasserie, Veganesca® en Nordic.   Read more...


Tastful precooked rigatone available in special steam pouches for the microwave. The closed steam pouch prevents any gluten contamination in the kitchen. See our product pages.   Read more...

24.11.2015 10 NEW PASTAS

The Smiling Cook launches 10 new pastas, including his first own stuffed pastas. Discover them quickly on the product pages! Read more...

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